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Yeah!!! I won! Great!

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Barbour Bedale

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I started this blog three years ago.  In honor of that, I’ll be giving away one of my Barbour Repair Kits.  Anyone who “likes” or “reblogs” this post will be entered to win.  I’ll also post at the Facebook page and the blogger page.  Any “likes” or comments there will warrant another chance in the drawing.  The small pamphlet behind the repair kit will not be included.  

Thanks for following and good luck!


Repair kit.

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Note the gasmask bag WWII

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Close-up of the Drapers blackwatch; single button front with blazer buttons. 

Tie made in Italy for AF

Simonnot-Godard linen pocket hank.

Black Watch Blazer.

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Blackwatch…brilliant in the fall.

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He Mango blazer

He Mango blazer

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Happy 2013

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